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Coach of the project:

Nicolas Brulard - Ferme de Gally (France) -

How and Where?

This project located in Nantes, France (rue jacques cartier - 44100 Nantes) takes part of a big urban renovation in Nantes North district. It consists in installing a greenhouse of a surface of 400 m² on the roof of an existing 24-apartments residential building built in the 70s and rehabilitated in 2000. Production: Among the envisaged possibilities they investigated the growth of spirulina, the development of microgreens, the development of young plants (nursery) or organic flowers. Another important aspect of SYMBIOSE is its social dimension and the strong will to keep the project attractive for the inhabitants of the building and the neighbourhood by offering activities around the garden


The idea is simple: recovering the heat of a greenhouse in order to heat domestic hot water. Thanks to this greenhouse, which is located on the rooftop of an existing building, the tenants can also benefit from a new space. This 400 square meters space, built in glass and polycarbonate, offers to inhabitants a new volume to be invested for various common activities: shared garden, urban agriculture experimentations, educational venue for the neighbourhood. The architectural project transforms the image of a social housing neighbourhood


The SYMBIOSE core project team is composed of the building owner Nantes Métropole Habitat (NMH), Greenhouse-on-top (former Ecotropy), Claas architects and SCE. NMH is the leading coordinator. Greenhouse-on-top is in charge of the coordination of R&D activities

Project leader and organisation:

Luc Stephan - Innovation Nantes Métropole Habitat Website: -

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