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News from our pilots 

Individual Coaching for our 10 early adopters

Our greenhouse project of St Denis consists of the construction and operation of a productive vegetable garden which is about 360 m² on the roof of the office and workshop building of the Urban Farm, run by Les Fermes de Gally. The opening of the greenhouse will be on July 1st, 2022. 

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Open Call 2021-2023

OPEN CALL 2021 - 2023

We give you 1 more month to submit your application.
You have until February 24th to apply on our website!
We are also opening our open call to 3 new countries:
France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
You have an innovative project of building an integrated greenhouse and you are located in UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium or Luxembourg, don't hesitate anymore!

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Open Call 2021-2023


GROOF is pleased to present its latest Guidelines
Our guidelines are here to lead you through the design and construction process of your rooftop greenhouse! Their step by step structure allows you to easily find what you are looking for whatever the status of your project.

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  • Housing Management of the City of Brussels, Brussels (Belgium)

  • Habiter une Ferme Urbaine by Ma Ville Verte, Lyon (France)

  • The New Farm, The Hague (Netherlands)

  • Grosvenor Works, London (United Kingdom)

  • MTU TH Building Project, Cork (Ireland)

  • Elizabeth by Green Nest, Brussels (Belgium)

  • Wood Quay by Dublin City Council, Dublin (Ireland)

  • Himmelgrün Children Nursery, Damendorf (Germany)

  • Seedleaves, London (United Kingdom)


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« Valoriser son bâtiment avec une serre en toiture, c'est possible : le projet GROOF vous répond »

Capter l’énergie perdue des bâtiments et l’utiliser pour faire croître des végétaux dans des serres placées sur les toits de la ville, ça vous parle ? C’est l’objectif du projet européen GROOF (Greenhouses to reduce CO2 on Roofs). Tout en relocalisant une partie de la production alimentaire, l’économie d’énergie réalisée permet de limiter l’impact carbone du bâtiment et de la serre.

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5 Rooftop Greenhouse Projects coached by GROOF

Learning and exchange of best practices:

Among the 10 projects coached since 2019, the jury of the Groof project has selected 5 pioneer projects for the second phase of coaching in the implementation of their rooftop greenhouse. The partners of the Groof project will extend their individual coaching in Belgium and France until June 2021.

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Groof news for this summer 2020! 

Focus on 4 partners of Groof Project:

The Groof project brings together partners with various skills and knowledge useful for the successful construction, implementation and production of a rooftop greenhouse. Let's have a closer look at 4 organizations and their involvement in the project. 

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GROOF happy news for the end of the year!

An innovative platform for urban agriculture in Belgium

On September 23rd, GROOF project participated in the inauguration of the Walloon platform in urban agriculture, WASABI, in Gembloux at the Centre of Research in Urban Agriculture (CRAU) of the University of Liège! This event has gathered over 200 specialists of urban agriculture, online and offline, for a full day of masterclasses and guiding tours of the different sites. 

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Back to work with GROOF! 

Focus on 3 partners of GROOF Project

All GROOF partners bring valuable skill to the project but today 3 of them are in the spotlight to give you their feedback and some advices. Click on the animations to read the full interviews in both English and respectively French and Spanish! 

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10 rooftop greenhouse projects supported by GROOF

10 urban greenhouse projects in France, Belgium and Luxembourg have been selected by GROOF to benefit from professional and personalized coaching.
For one year, they will be supported by international experts in construction, energy, market gardening production and even business model to help them build and promote their rooftop greenhouse project.

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Urban Agriculture in Nantes

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Open Call


On September 24 and 25, 2019, the jury of GROOF experts in construction, energy, vegetable production, business model gathered to analyse the various applications that will benefit from the first part of the one-year coaching, from September 2019 to September 2020, to help them build, develop and implement their rooftop greenhouse.

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Open Call

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