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Execution phase

By Susana Toboso (UAB), Xavier Gabarrell (UAB), Gara Villalba (UAB), Cristina Madrid (UAB), Ramiro Gonzalez (UAB) and Caroline BINI (Groupe One)

This part can include indicators (see methodology in the exploitation phase) to analyse the social aspects within the two possible groups of installations, namely:

  • small rooftop greenhouses (RTGs) for self-sufficiency,

  • large commercial RTGs.

Indicators related to health & safety can be used such as noise levels, dust levels or any indicator aimed at measuring the possible inconveniences linked to the construction of the infrastructure.

See the complete methodology in the exploitation phase.

It is also important to think about communication with your key stakeholders, e.g. neighbours, during this construction phase for them to understand your project and accept it.

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