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Coach of the project :

Oscar Rodriguez, Architecture and food.

How and Where?

Seedleaves building includes 2100m2 of food retail, food service & CEA horticulture in UK. The elements include a food retail hall, a restaurant, cookery school, market garden & 6k sq ft greenhouse with 250 aeroponic towers in it. The build is one single building with the greenhouse being part of the main building to create a strong symbiosis between food production and consumption. 

The greenhouse is approximately 6000 square feet or 550 square metres. Intend to phase the install of the towers starting with 195 2.4-metre-high units that can produce 44 plants in every square metre. ​ 

This provides 8360 ports which to grow in order to grow leafy greens, salads, high values herbs and heritage tomatoes. 


The Objectives of the greenhouse are first Production for sale and use in restaurant. Leafy items to be sold with roots on.​ (Leafy Greens and Salads, Herbs, Tomatoes - Estimated yield : 8406kg of mixed produce year 1) and second objective is Teaching resource and Tower Garden demonstrator.  


Horticulture has been a family affair for over 45 years. The complex brings together in a symbiotic way, food production with food consumption. They wanted to bring back the horticultural roots of the site by growing foods but in a much more modern dynamic and theatrical way.  


William BENSON, Managing Director, Big Apple Venture Ltd. 

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