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Coach of the project :

Florent Scarttereggia, Uliège

How and Where?

The Elizabeth project’s greenhouse is part of a building complex located in the heart of the European capital. It is situated in middle of a highly urbanized neighbourhood and in between two very busy streets all week long (rue Haute and rue Blaes at 1000 Brussels). The decrepit building complex will be renovated and operated with a coherent sustainable and circular approach to address, at its scale, environmental challenges.


The building complex will ultimately be constituted of existing and new premises having complementary and connected functions. This functional diversity includes a concert hall, a recording studio, a zero waste restaurant, a production kitchen, a delicatessen shop, an urban farm, meeting rooms and accommodations for artistes. Synergies will be created by the cultural activities of Elizabeth concert hall and agricultural activities of the urban farming greenhouse. The urban farm and its greenhouse will be located on the concert hall rooftop and will be part of an urban and peri-urban farming strategy. The greenhouse production - around 2,5 tons of vegetables and fruits per year - will (1) supply in situ and local restaurants, (2) be transformed for the delicatessen shop and (3) be potentially “auto” harvested by the residents of the apartments and neighbors. The Elizabeth project’s greenhouse objectives are to give access to urban farming experiences for all


Olivier Castus, Green Nest

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