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Coach of the project :

Guillaume Morel-Chevillet - Astredhor (France) -

How and Where?

The building is designed as a social housing, joining together 76 residences, with a housing booked for the “market-gardener” if he fulfills the suitable requirements. The first inhabitants are expected at fall 2019. The building is in an environment mixing a residential suburban area, a commercial one, an airport with a military vocation for now. Production: Total cultivation area: 1,200 m² on the ground + 996 m² on the roof, of which 776 m²under polycarbonate greenhouse + 170 m²of technical premises. The original soil is disbursed because naturally unfit for production and was replaced by 40 cm of salvage land


The Jardins Perchés site was created by Tours Habitat, the social housing association of Tours city. Designed as a tool for social inclusion, the production of vegetables and fruit is mainly intended for future inhabitants of the site. The production part will be supplemented by training, animation, communication towards a wide audience, from students ‘groups to urban farmers. The tool will be also used for research through partnerships with several universities, as well as for experimental support to companies


The project was born at the City Council of the City of Tours. Tours Habitat was commissioned to develop it. This project includes two types of actors: • The manufacturer: Tours Habitat helped by its usual advisers, who are fully competent in the construction of social housing. • The user: Tour Fondettes agrocampus, which has agreed to meet the demand for management tool through its exploitation. They will be supported by a «project engineer», under the direction of the Exploitation Director. Also, the various pedagogical teams of Tours Fondettes agrocampus will integrate this new tool into their pedagogy.


Project leader and organisation : Jean Michel Bregeon - Tours Fondettes agrocampus


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