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Coach of the project :

Laurent Reynier (France) - CSTB David Volk - EBF (Germany) -

How and Where?

They are currently working on three projects, each of which is at a different stage of development: - The “Nouvel'R” project in Arcueil that includes a greenhouse on two different floors in the building totalling 200m² (37, Avenue Vladimir Illitch Lénine, 94110 Arcueil - France). - The “Ressources Toits” project in Morangis. It will include four 100m² rooftop greenhouses: one that is to be used as a nursery, one that is destined for production, one reserved for the community and one to be used for educational purposes. - The last project, which is in the preliminary studies phase, is located in Epinay sur Seine and will offer a 1500 m2 rooftop greenhouse. The greenhouse is to have a communal and educational vocation for the residents, but it is also a production area for fruits and vegetables. In this sense, there are several uses for the greenhouse: hydroponic production as well as landscaping and nursery.


The project consists of developing a multifunctional urban greenhouse and a common vegetable garden located on the rooftops of apartment buildings available to the residents.


The implementation of this project was driven by the real estate developer Axone Promotion who wants to provide the residents of its buildings with new common areas in connection with food production. Toits Vivants is an association which aims to develop integrated and participatory edible ecosystems.


Project leader and organisation: Sébastien GOELZER on the behalf of the Toits Vivants Website: Social networks: @ToitsVivants

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