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Project Wood Quay

Coach of the project :

Oscar Rodriguez, Architecture and food

How and Where?

In its CCAP 2019-2024, the Dublin City Council have committed to reducing emissions in the city and using nature-based solutions. In 2021 DCC’s Climate Action Team initiated a food and climate change project - Eat the Streets! - which led to the developpement of a food strategy for the city, which will include educational programming on growing and cooking.   The greenhouse project will be complimentary to these objectives as there is interest by the public in growing in the city and greenhouses may respond to space constraints and concerns of safety and access.   The DCC intends to provide access to the greenhouse for staff and potentially to supply our canteen.  Surplus produce we will engage with food sharing networks to redistribute. The final location of the greenhouse has yet to be determined.


Objectives of the greenhouse: Food production (the greenhouse will provide fresh food for the canteen internally) and educational tool. 


The project team will consist of the Climate Action Team, facilities managers and parks team members. 

The Climate Action Team and facilities managers has experience with energy management, while the parks team brings a wealth of experience with greening and allotments.  ​


Sabrina Dekker, Climate Action Coordinator (Dublin City Council)

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