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Coach of the project :

Caroline Bini, Groupe One

How and Where?

The project is located at the heart of the Brussels Pentagon and consist of the reconfiguration of the Rempart des Moines site: the construction of 333 dwellings – social housing, divided into 3 distinct architectural typologies and in the centre a public space with its collective social equipment named Pole Rempart that includes a gymnasium, a restaurant, an Urban Farm and associative premises.


With a view to education and social welfare, as well as proximity to the local population, the Urban Farm of approximately 860 m² is located on the roof of the Pôle Rempart. The access to the Urban Farm is from a dedicated area for activities and collective interest and independent of the sports hall on the ground floor via a separated lift and staircase which allows both the reception of the public and farm users as well as the sale of local products. A direct link with the restaurant can also been envisaged. The typology, type of cultivation and management method are currently being considered. The roof space reserved for this activity of general interest can accommodate two types of cultivation : a container crop (80cm) or a continuous cultivated surface (40cm) according to the ambitions and needs of the future operator.


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