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Habiter une Ferme  Urbaine Girondin Lyon 2.jpg

by Ma Ville Verte

Coach of the project :

 Guillaume Morel-Chevillet, Astredhor

How and Where?

Located in the Lyon district in France, Alliade Habitat, social housing developer, will build a Urban farm on top of new apartment buildings.  Type of production: Hydroponics/ Aeroponics in the greenhouse and substrat for the rest of the farm. 


The project consists in imagining and building an urban farm in, on and around a social housing block, so that the farm and the housing are no longer separate urban entities but a whole capable of proposing a new way of inhabiting the city.

The rooftop greenhouse will be of around 200m 2 with a roof garden of 700 m2. Why ?  

  • Housing, agriculture, transportation and waste management account for more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions.  

  • Urban sprawl consumes between 50 and 60,000 hectares of agricultural land each year.  

  • Food supply is distant, fragile and dependent on the world market.  

  • It has been that Living clause to ecological and sustainable food garden improve quality of life of the inhabitants and the neighborhood.

  • Fresh and ecologically grown food , vegetable, herbs, aromatics will be available for the inhabitants in their own rooftop all year, according to seasonality and natural cycles.

  • Urban farming has a pedagogical and educative impact on urban population to awake consciousness about food and ecological transition, climate change and agriculture.


Alliade Habitat, part of the Action Logement group, is a developer and social housing landlord.  This project is a partnership between Lyon metropolis, Alliade Habitat, Ma Ville Verte (and ENSAL, Lyon architecture school.  


Target Market: Inhabitants of the neighborhood.


Matthieu Arar, CTO at Ma Ville Verte 

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