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Advancing knowledge for sustainable green roofs

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Sostenipra Research, ICTA-UAB, Spain

During the past weeks the ICTA-UAB partner has had some great news! In the aim to increase the knowledge on the implementation of greenhouses on rooftops and the development of agriculture in urban areas the Sostenipra Research group from the ICTA-UAB institute have recently published some very interesting studies that we consider relevant to these topics.

Addressing a crucial topic on Greenhouse and Building integration researcher, Joan Muñoz-Liesa has evaluated the energy flows of the integrated Rooftop greenhouse in the ICTA-UAB building in his last article “Quantifying energy symbiosis of building-integrated agriculture in a mediterranean rooftop greenhouse”.

In the effort of increasing the sustainability of agriculture in cities and reduce the impacts of fertilization Martí Rufí-Salís has determined the struvite generation capacity and demand in the Barcelona metropolitan “Can wastewater feed cities? Determining the feasibility and environmental burdens of struvite recovery and reuse for urban regions”.

Analyzing the life cycle costing of existing urban agriculture Alexandra Mario Peña has comprised the review article: “A longitudinal literature review of life cycle costing applied to urban agriculture”, which can be found in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assesment.

Finally , PhD student Ana Maria Manriquez has shed some light on the problematic of plant biomass in urban areas, giving information on possible outcomes from an eco-design point of view in her new article “Analysis of urban agriculture solid waste in the frame of circular economy: Case study of tomato crop in integrated rooftop greenhouse”.

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