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Coach of the project:

Aurélie-Anne Jacquerye - Groupe One (Belgium) -

How and Where?

They do not yet know where the micro-farm will be created but it will probably be in Namur city center, 5000 Namur, Belgium. The sizing of the growing space is crucial because it must be both small enough to have a chance of finding a roof and be low tech managed by 1.5 FTEs and be large enough to be economically viable. Production: The production of the micro-farm will necessarily focus on quality, not quantity. The solutions adopted will necessarily include hydroponics and bioponics. The installation of a system in aquaponics could be the subject of a further development of the project.


“Les Petits Poucets” will pursue two objectives, firstly it will produce and sell in the city center of Namur healthy, fresh and tasty products, and secondly it will provide training cycles for the project developers.


The birth of “Les Petits Poucets” came from an illustrator and an agronomist who lived together for several years in the Congo. Caty uses her drawing during the group animations. Pierre teaches physics, chemistry and biology in secondary school. He is constantly looking for educational tools to develop students' knowledge and autonomy. The two partners share complementary skills in the field of training and knowledge transfer. Production, management of systems and crop management is the privileged domain of Pierre who integrates new ideas and vegetable varieties unearthed by the team

Project leader and organisation:

Pierre-François Bertieaux - « Les PetitsPoucets » srl Website:

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