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Coach of the project:

Christophe Melon - IFSB (France) -

How and Where?

2 x 150 m², with 150m² of rooftop including a greenhouse (30-50m²) at See you in Brussels (Fritz Toussaint street 8, Brussels, Belgium). The core business consists in school visits while the harvests represent the by-products socially valued through donations to caritative organizations


Pousses & Vous! has the vocation to develop pedagogical projects in primary and secondary schools, in tight collaboration with the teachers, through field role-playing situations activities. They aim at contributing to the education and awareness of young people on the importance of supporting smart local activity to meet demographic challenges while respecting the environment and being involved in a social approach. To accomplish its mission, Pousses & Vous! takes the form of an activity farm offering an interactive initiation discovery journey of the latest innovations in the urban and indoor farming field by presenting educational growing installations supplying crops socially valued through donations to our caritative organizations partners helping poor people.


Thomas Dehez and Yann Hugo, two students finishing their Master’s degree in Business Engineering at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, are the initiator of the projects. They started a non-profit called Pousses & vous ! incubated by the ULB Start.LAB

Project leader and organisation:

Thomas Dehez and Yann Hugo for the non-profit Pousses & Vous !


Social Networks: @poussesetvous

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