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Yncrea - ISA Lille

Coach of the project:

Ismael Baraud - CSTB (France) - ismael.baraud@cstb.f

How and Where?

The building called « Palais Rameau » is located 39 boulevard Vauban - 59000 Lille (France) and belongsto the city of Lille. Yncrea wants the Palais Rameau to be a place where construction, agricultural and electronic sectors can meet and create together; but Yncrea also wants to initiate projects such as energy sharing and local food production by bringing data from its experimental demonstrator. For instance, they will develop a pedagogical vertical agriculture demonstrator which will integrate a rooftop greenhouse upon a fungal production. The rooftop top energy loss will be used for aquaponics vegetable production and the CO2 generated by mushrooms will be evacuate in the greenhouse by the ventilation system.


Since 2018, Yncrea engineering school wants to create the first future city’s European demonstrator of food & agriculture. The figurehead of this project will take place in an historical building of the city of Lille called « Palais Rameau » just next to Yncrea’s actual campus. In this 3000 square meters space, Yncrea will create different areas related to local food production and transformation in the city. Yncrea will create different areas including: a Biohacking space for project based pedagogical approaches (including an urban farm), a food factory, a teaching center, an innovative showroom, a start-up incubator, a vertical farming experimental unit, an open space for the citizens.


As part of Yncrea, ISA Lille is a French Graduate School of Agriculture and Bioengineering. ISA Lille has historically worked on urban farming since it has a research unit integrated into a regional laboratory named LGCgE. Now Yncrea also works on other urban farming projects focusing on different aspects such as: vertical farming, smart farming and new technologies in agriculture, help in decision making for urban farming projects


Project leader and organisation: Benjamin Legrand, Urban farming project leader Website: Social networks: @yncreahdf

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