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Coach of the project :

Ismael Baraud (CSTB, CT1)

Karsten Willems (IFAS, CT2)

How and Where?

A 300m2 surface area on the roof on the 12th floor of a building that hosts the administrative teams of the Musée national de Paris. Farming space: 150m2 Crop(s) specie(s) cultivated: Vegetables, aromatics and little fruits like strawberries Production/ yield estimation: 4T of vegetables and 500kg of fish Farming modes: - Solution types (hydroponics, bio-ponics, aquaponics, etc.) : Aquaponics - Farming systems (tide table, NFT, drop by drop, etc.): Deep water culture and ZipGrow systems


Culina Hortus is the first aquaponic and bioclimatic greenhouse farm in France on the rooftop of the 12th floor of a Parisian building (PARIS 12).

This farm includes 2 greenhouses: - A large greenhouse (L19.5m x l3.2m x h2.1m) hosting 4 aquaponic rafts. - A small greenhouse (L13.1m x 3.2m x 2.1m) hosting 2 aquaponic rafts (L11.5 x l1.2 x h0.3) and 30 ZipGrow columns on the northern part of the greenhouse and therefore a full south exposure for plants.


​Cueillette Urbaine is a company that works for the development of urban farming and its benefits for cities.

Their goal is to design, install and operate productive and ecological urban farms!

They want to create a turnkey urban farm system that consumes little energy and is totally environmentally friendly while being productive


Project leader and organisation: Pierre Frederic Bouvet, Co-Founder and CTO,

Cueillette Urbaine Website:

Social Networks: @Cueillette Urbaine

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