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Coach of the project:

Pierre Raulier - Université de Liège (Belgium) -

How and Where?

The rooftop is located in Schaerbeek, Belgium (Rue général Eenens, 30 - Schaerbeek) on the roof of a former 320 m² carpentry shop which has been completely renovated by the owners to make it a versatile coworking area, as well as to establish a "catering" activity. Production: The cultivation area may evolve between 100 m² and 320 m². Type of production: hydroponic system that will allow year-round production of vegetables such as tomatoes, peas, salads, herbs, etc. Plants in soil will strengthen production in summer to expand the range, and offer fruits (raspberries, grapes, etc.) or vegetables (carrots, onions, etc.).


Located in a very mineral urban area in the heart of Brussels, the “Green(s)pote” project will be built as part of an existing rooftop vegetable garden “Les amis de l'Entrepote” that currently supports about 150 plants. The goal is to increase the harvesting period for vegetables throughout the year, as well as increase the productivity of an existing vegetable garden, and recuperate energy waste from the activities of companies located in the vegetable garden building.


“Les amis de l'Entrepote” brings together about thirty stakeholders in the field of urban ecology. For the past two years, this non-profit organization has gained experience in urban agriculture by transforming the roof of a former warehouse into a collective vegetable garden. “Green(s)pote” has created collaborations around the project with many experts in the field of energy, actors of the neighbourhood, technology, and urban agriculture.


Project leader and organisation: Laurent Gauthy - Les amis de l’Entrepote Website: Social networks: @lentrepote

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