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Adhoc Habitat Participatif

Coach of the project:

Marcel DERAVET, Institut de Formation Sectoriel du Bâtiment (Luxembourg) -

How and Where?

The roof is on the 5th building level of the Adhoc Habitat Participatif in Luxembourg (6, Rue Vauban - 2663 Luxemburg, Luxembourg). The quarter is dominated by high office buildings and a few residential buildings. There are deficits in the population structure, in the economical use of resources, in the ecological construction method and, above all, in the social structure. The maximum usable space available for the greenhouse is around 490 m2. The management of the greenhouse will be assigned to a professional operator which will create permanent jobs for people with disabilities. Residents of the project can provide support on a voluntary basis. The production will be ecological, according to the concept of the bistro. The use at the production site ensures short transport distances and helps to save resources (packaging).


The project « Adhoc Habitat Participatif » is operated by Adhoc Cooperative in Luxemburg. Adhoc cohousing is a non-profit project in the middle of the new Kirchberg commercial area of Luxemburg. The aim is to provide affordable housing for a longterm stable community. The roof greenhouse produces vegetables and herbs for a bistro, in the building, and the residents. The surpluses will go to the organic retail trade. It is planned to make it possible for guests of the bistro to visit the greenhouse as part of an event concept. It can also establish a direct link between production and consumption.


The project operator is the Adhoc Cooperative. As a cooperative, the rents are clearly below the market level. Its goal is the strong social networking of the residents among themselves and with the environment. The project is the result of an initiative by interested future residents. It cooperates with the Kirchberg Fund, which owns the property. Construction is carried out at a high ecological level.

Project leader and organisation: Richard Scheibel, director of scheibel + puntke Immobilienverwaltung, representing Adhoc Cooperative Website :

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